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How to build your heaven?

I have spent a considerable measure of my life attempting to accommodate amongst hardship and ease. We have been told over and over again that the straight way is difficult and requires sacrifice and hard work. But being humans, we always prefer ease. What I have understood now after experience is that there will be always challenges, tests and trials on our way. There will be difficulties, hardships & storms. But in every harpship there is an ease. as Allah says in Quran;

The person who trust in Allah, stays dry—even amongst the most powerful storms. Outside, it might be rain, yet inside because of Trust in Allah, it's dry. Outside, it might be storm, yet inside yourself, you are calm. Indeed, even the fire falmes of your life can be made 'bardan wa salama' (coolness and security), as they were on Ibraheem (AS).

So my emphasis was wrong. I was attempting to make a jennah, an immaculate, stormless, fireless world, outside. But it’s not possible in dunya. I needed a paradigm shift. Jennah—a quiet, peaceful enviornment—can exist inside. Your sanctuary, peace, calmness is inside yourself. Nobody can remove that heaven from you. No storm can destroy it. No rain can affect it. Work on building that jennah. Work on creating that jennah for you. And you will have jennah in this world and the hereafter.

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