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How To Let Go Of Your Negative Feelings


I just re-read a great book called “Letting Go” by Dr. David Hawkins & was reminded that there are only 5 possible ways we can deal with negative emotions.

The first 3 ways are the most common (and unhealthy) ways people tend to deal with their feelings & result in ‘holding on’ to them & are typically pretty destructive behaviors.

The last 2 are much more healthy responses and are ways of ‘letting go’ so you can have more peace & happiness.

When you feel upset/ frustrated/ guilty or any negative feeling, you can:

  1. Repress or suppress the feeling – push it down, consciously or unconsciously so you don’t have to deal with the pain.

  2. Express the feeling – talk about it or punch a pillow – basically anything to release the pressure a little in the moment. This usually eases the tension temporarily but the underlying problem is still there.

  3. Escape the feeling – use drugs, sex, TV, music, addictive behaviors… anything but facing the actual feelings.

  4. Face the feeling by actually feeling it – The Inner Salam Method is a simple, effective way to let go of a feeling by getting out of the monkey mind & feeling it & letting it go.

  5. Transcend the feeling – by insight fully seeing the truth of the Inside-Out paradigm in the context of the situation that seems to be causing the feeling, you instantly let it go. Your whole outlook on life aligns with Allah’s infinite presence & the situation you were thinking about no longer takes up mental space.

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