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Khanum Amber Zehra
Counsellor & Psychotherapist
MH, CBT & NLP Practitioner (UK).
MSW, Dip. Counselling (Aus).

Being Islamic Scholar, completing her master's from the University of Melbourne with an extensive experience of community work, Khanum provides a unique combination of Islamic & contemporary knowledge & experience. 

If you are facing well-being issues, grief, relationship, couple or parenting challenges or any form of life transition. Khanum Amber Zehra is here to assist you with her unique expertise in both spiritual and therapeutic sciences with evidence-based treatments. She builds a collaborative relationship with her clients creating a safe & non-judgemental space to be open about difficulties to have solution-focused counselling & therapeutic experience.
Providing individual, couple, and group counselling, Khanum specializes in cognitive, dialectical, and mindfulness-based therapy and teaches her clients practical tools for a more fulfilling life. With an extensive experience of community services, Khanum specializes in helping adolescents, adults and couples with interpersonal relationships, managing emotions, maladaptive thinking, and adjusting to new situations and challenges. 
Adolescent Therapy, Anxiety, CBT, Child Therapy, DBT, Depression, Eating Disorders, Fear of Flying, Life Transitions, OCD, Parenting, Phobias, Sleep Issues, Trauma, PTSD.

 Khanum Amber Zehra intensely promotes women's rights initiatives, social development, and religious tolerance. Kaz uses her position in the community to speak out as a mental health expert in advocating for the preservation of family ties, solving family issues and nurturing the bond between children and parents. In her capacity as a social worker and as a community leader, KAZ assists individuals in times of difficulty and assures that vulnerable individuals, including children and adults, are protected from harm and supported through those times. As a human service professional, KAZ plays an important role in helping improve outcomes in people's lives, and she acts as a guide and advocate in the community.

Besides serving as the resident female scholar of Islamic Studies, KAZ is an expert in linking academic analysis of ancient Islamic texts with evidence-based modern sciences, which she frequently discusses in her lectures and speeches, and which are often accompanied by research findings. A variety of Islamic topics have been discussed by her in interviews with the media on a frequent basis.

Well-versed, culturally inclusive, and highly sensitive to the needs of others. These are the qualities that define Khanum Amber Zehra. It is not just the inspirational speeches she gives and the solution-oriented sessions she conducts that will engage you, but you will also feel intimately connected to the actions, strategies, and processes described that will lead to the solution of your problems.

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