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Medical Assistance

To serve the mankind is the best path to serve Allah & what other better way than serving the health deprived community and providing them with free medical care. KAZ has provided medical assisstance to a number of patients ranging from malnutrition children to chronic disease patients.


KAZ connect donors with people in need of medical care and enable them to fund low-cost, high-impact medical facilities. 100% of your donation funds are consumed for life-changing healthcare.

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Tranforming them into earning hands

This is one of our most promising projects. 
Hundred of girls have been certified
& have started their earnings to feed their families.
On completion of six months extensive sewing course, every girl gets a sewing machine to become an earning hand for her family.

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In our Society so many girls deprive in hope to get married because their parents can not afford the wedding expenses.


KAZ supports these girls who do have matches for them but couldn't afford the basic wedding expenses.

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There is nothing more important than education for a community.These days because of growing unemployment, poverty & expensive education, it's getting harder for poor people to send their kids to school. We extend a helping hand to these kids to become responsible & educated citizen.

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Suicide bombing & target killings have sent our strong earning hands to the grave yard.

Those earning hands were a great support for their children & for the community. Now it's our responsibility to come forward to feed the orphans of our community.

KAZ has been providing support to dozens of orphans for many years. Join hands with her to serve this noble cause & hit the donate button now.

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