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Achieving Your Highest Self

To Your’s Highest Self,

May the Peace, Love & Blessings of Allah be with you.

It’s awesome to connect with you and I’d like you to quiet your mind, be present, breath deeply & get in touch with your True Self as you read this…

…And pause & take another deep breath after reading each sentence:

You’re perfect (…just the way you are).

You are loved. Deeply loved.

Inner peace is your natural state.

You are infinitely greater than your thoughts about yourself.

All insecurity is just an illusion created by Thought.

You will never be more capable of being happy than you are right now.

Everything you’ve been searching for all your life is already inside of you.

Instead of seeking Allah elsewhere, quiet your mind, look within & you’ll find the part of you that has always been deeply connected with Allah.

If you want to live these truths & be in this blessed state all the time, you’re going to love this…

May Allah bless your wealth, increase your taqwa & reward you eternally for supporting me.

Peace, Love & Blessings.

Khanum Amber Zehra.

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